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CRG Financial LLC (CRG) is a private investment firm specializing in providing liquidity solutions to creditors in connection with their claim(s) against entities in, or that recently emerged from, bankruptcy. Since its inception in 2009, CRG has monetized over $300mm in claims for more than 7,000 creditors across over 600 bankruptcy cases, enabling clients to focus their time, money and attention on running their business, while leaving the bankruptcy claim(s) to the experts at CRG.

Additionally, CRG provides small to mid-size bridge financings, advances of future cash flows, and other creative and bespoke liquidity solutions in a variety of situations.

CRG’s Bankruptcy Claims Administrative Services vertical also provides creditors with an opportunity to ensure that their claims and rights are protected throughout the bankruptcy process. CRG’s proprietary technology monitors claims and bankruptcy cases to keep creditors aware and in control.

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Bankruptcy Trade Claims

Most creditors have little experience with bankruptcies, so they underestimate the time, expense, and pitfalls that creditors often encounter CRG offers a clear and easy path to recovery that will take days, rather than months, or potentially years. By selling your claim, you receive a guaranteed recovery that you can use immediately to invest back into your business and avoid all of the risks of being a creditor in a prolonged bankruptcy case.

Special Situations Financing

CRG provides small to mid-sized bridge financings, advances of future cash flows, preference and litigation financing to debtors and/or trustees to pursue claims, vendor financing and various other bespoke bridge and term financing facilities designed to meet client need(s).

Bankruptcy Claims Administrative Services

CRG helps creditors protect their rights in bankruptcy cases to ensure they get the best possible resolution of their bankruptcy claims. CRG believes in proactively protecting against losing creditor rights and potential monetary recovery – using proprietary technology to monitor claims and the bankruptcy case to keep you aware and in control, leveraging CRG’s extensive track record of maximizing recoveries on bankruptcy claims.